El Capitan Elementary School

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Parent Teacher Conferences - February 4th - 8th

What is my child expected to learn this year, and how is he or she progressing? Ask what is being studied right now in math, English, science, and other subjects. This is also a good time for the teacher to show you what your child did for class projects and other assignments.
What are my child’s strengths? Ask about your child’s strengths. It’s important to reinforce and build on these with your child. Maybe you’ll learn how your child is excelling in something you didn’t even know about. You can also use this time to tell the teacher what you see as strengths in your child.
In which area does my child need improvement? This question is crucial. Ask the teacher what support your child is receiving in the classroom to improve in whatever subject necessary. But also ask what you can do at home to help reinforce what is being taught at school. It could be as simple as asking your child to help you prepare a dinner recipe or finding some books at the library that relate to what’s being studied in class.
Talk it over with your child. Make sure you talk with your child after the meeting. Emphasize the positive things, and then discuss areas where improvements can be made and what everyone is going to do next to help your child thrive.
If you haven’t scheduled your parent-teacher conference yet, please do—you’d be surprised how much you can learn.
These conferences are a fundamental part of being involved in your child’s education, and they send the message to your child that his or her education matters.